railroad ties safe for children to play around

railroad ties safe for children to play around

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Creosote treated wood from fences, bridges, railroad ties, or telephone poles are not recommended for use in playgrounds. Children who play 

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The chemicals in old railroad ties has been shown to leak into the soil meaning that even playing around old railroad ties might harm them. Block retaining walls are safe for children, pets, and edible or decorative plants.

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Building Raised Garden Beds With Railroad Ties In Meg39s Garden A Little Trip . Create a fun, clean, and safe area for your children to play in the landscape 

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railroad ties around swing set on hill . Create a fun, clean, and safe area for your children to play in the landscape while being eco-friendly and promoting 

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Making Playgrounds Safe for Children and Children Safe for utility poles, railroad ties, and cable spools. It is often around children's play equipment. Hard-.

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So it's actually illegal to use old railroad ties in a home landscape. used in the residential setting for landscape purposes and as a border around gardens. and spend the money on safe removal, following the EPA guidelines for old railroad ties: Don't touch the wood with bare skin; don't let animals or children near it; 

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They are most often found in and around coke- or natural gas-producing factories, . coal tar, coal tar pitch, or coal tar pitch volatiles may be harmful to your health. direct skin contact with freshly treated wood found in fences, bridges, railroad ties, Children who played on soil contaminated with creosote had more skin 

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at-play~The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) provides information on how to keep children safe in their backyard sandbox. All Around Sandbox frames should not be made with inexpensive railroad ties. These may 

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While creosote-treated wood is primarily used for railroad ties, it is also used to treat . As 13 percent of utility poles are made with creosote, children that play near The EPA says it is safe to dispose of treated wood through incineration or as 

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wood, make sure it's not arsenic-treated (CCA) lumber or railroad ties. good for flower gardens, under hedges, around bushes, trees, and children's play areas. Sandboxes provide a safe place for children to play and stay out of the soil.

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Here in St. louis, Mo. we are able to get free used railroad ties, I have seen them used Definitely not around a veggie bed or a children's play area, but honestly I wouldn't The preservatives used are not safe or predictable.

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Railroad ties are treated wood, steeped in a toxic stew of chemicals, chief Using railroad ties for garden beds can pose a threat to your soil, pets and children, Stick with the natural options, especially around the vegetable 

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